Minutes: September 10, 2007

Present: Richter, Dodge, Lo, Van Roosenbeek, Vahala, Leahy, Burton, Heyer, Robinson, Weiland

Excused: Brunk

Guests: Chancellor Gow, Tim Walls

Meeting called to order at 1:22pm.

I.                     Welcome to new Council member Chris Dodge.

II.                   Discussion with Chancellor

Topics discussed included:

-          Safe La Crosse

-          Budget Update; Chancellor Gow met with Majority Leader Huebsch on Thursday; Growth and Access

-          Second Supper Interview

-          Deferred Building Maintenance

-          ‘No intention of renewal’ letter

                                                  i.      The Council will look at the contracts of other schools in similar budget systems and compare

-          Per student funding

-          Co-Chairs Richter and Van Roosenbeek will be meeting regularly with Chancellor Gow 

III.                  Professional Development Grants

The Professional Development Grants (PDG) are given out twice a year in the Spring and Fall.  There is roughly $7500 available each semester; however, the funds given to the Excellence Award winner also come out of the fund.  Applications this semester will be available in early October and due by the end of the month.  This is for activities that will occur between January 1, 2008 and June 30, 2008.

There was a discussion about increasing the marketing of the PDG.  A brochure was made in the past which will be reviewed.  Also, the committee will consider having more restrictions on the distribution of funds.

IV.               Miscellaneous

A.     UW System Representative – The first meeting is next Thursday.  Leahy can attend that meeting and can do the teleconference meetings but will not be available to attend all meetings in Madison.  It was decided that Leahy will be the primary contact as the UW Representative and other Council members will fill in as needed.  Leahy will send out an email of the dates that she can and cannot make.

B.     Executives – Will be meeting on the third Monday of the month at 1:15pm.

C.    Office hours have been sent out and Council members are encouraged to use the office for other meetings.

V.                 Grievance Procedure

One suggestion for change was made.  This will be taken to Jennifer Wilson to see if it can be done.

VI.               Fall Kickoff

We need a speaker.  Will contact last year’s recipient to see if she would be interested.  Council members expressed a desire to invite local political representatives and the Board of the Regents.  They will be added to the invitation list.  Invitations will be sent out this week.  After the speaker is laid down, we will do a Campus Connection announcement.


-Instead of raffle tickets, sign in for door prize with name and unit.

-Recognize people who have been at UW-L for 5, 10, 15, and 20+ years

VII.              Mentoring Program – Academic Staff in the Know (ASK)

Two requests for mentors were received however both were IAS and referred to the IAS mentor group.

VIII.            Academic Staff Orientation

The Salary and Personnel committee will be working on developing an Academic Staff Orientation.  One Council member suggested setting up a D2L website for Academic Staff. 

IX.               Committees

Concern was expressed because the deadline for submitting necessary items for career progression have not yet been announced.  Co-Chair Richter will talk to Human Resources

X.                 Faculty Senate

A sign up sheet to attend the Faculty Senate meetings will be sent via email.

Meeting adjourned at 3:01pm.