Minutes: September 24, 2002

  1. Call to order 3:00pm
  2. Approval of minutes M/S/P
  3. Overview of visit with Provost Hitch (Exec. Committee on 9-13-02)
    1. IAS Grapevine Issue

                     i.      At least one dean believes that IAS should teach 15 credits since they don’t have to do research like the faculty, but the IAS will still only be paid for a 12 credit load.

                     ii.      If the IAS are being compared to faculty, they should have the same pay.

    1. Governance Representation of IAS

                      i.      They should chose who they would like to have represent them (Faculty Senate or ASC) after their first two years at UWL, not be represented by both.

  1. Prioritize and discuss the 6 most pressing needs at UW-L.
    1. Chancellor Hastad will be hosting a series of hearings with System people as to our needs on campus and how those needs can be addressed.  These needs include those of academic staff, faculty, and students.  Wayne Jacobson will be the ASC representative at the hearings.
    1. Needs

                      i.      Financial/Budget-related Needs

                                1.      Ensure that UWL has the necessary financial resources so it can save programs from being cut and faculty from being dismissed.

                                2.      Disability Resource Services funding has been cut more each year, and it is crucial for them to be able to meet ADA requirements.  If these requirements are not met, there could be serious legal repercussions.

                                3.      Costs, relating to budget issues, of controlling enrollment and maintaining the Counseling and Testing Center (30% increase in use – raise admissions standards and students with more stress and problems are admitted.  Ex: Harvard)

                                4.      Freshman Year Experience

a.       This is critical for students in regards to alcohol use, retention, and overall adjustment to college.

b.      Potential DIN from the state for this issue, although it probably won’t go through this year.

5.      Allow all groups to have input in the budget process.

                  ii.      Moving from 9-month infrastructure to a 12-month infrastructure.

                                1.      How will this affect how position descriptions and contracts are written?

                                2.      There is no slowdown anymore, so offices must be staffed 12 months/year, and this is difficult for the smaller offices.  Some now depend on students to perform the work of former university employees.

                  iii.      Realistic expectations for work/life balance issues

                                1.      This will become an increasingly problematic area if more staff are cut, so that there are less people doing more work.  Leads to stress, etc.

  1. All University Committee is an outshoot of the Strategic Plan.  The purpose is to foster communication between classified staff, academic staff, faculty, and students, as well as the community (alumni, etc).
    1. The four selected to participate are Terry Wirkus, Marcia Naber, Mary Torstveit, and Lynn Weiland.
  1. Committees
    1. Conveners have been contacted to get together and discuss who will be the chair and also to address certain issues relevant to each committee.  They must report to the Council in January.
    2. Names do not need to be forwarded to the Chancellor for one committee until that particular committee is needed.
  2. Professional Development Grants
    1. $15,000 still available for funding the grants.
    2. This round of grants are for use during 1/1/03-6/30/03. 
    3. Proposals are due by November 1, 2002.
  1. Strategic Plan is available online; there are few hard copies available.  The information is a draft presented to governance groups for approval, and will be submitted to the Chancellor for approval.
    1. ASC will have a working session on October 1 to discuss the draft.
    2. October 22:  representatives from the Budget and Planning Committee will attend the ASC meeting to answer questions, etc.  Afterwards, comments will be drafted.
    3. There will be town hall meetings (dates to be announced) open to the entire campus community, and input is welcome.  Also, a feedback form is on the webpage. (www.uwlax.edu/strategicplanning)
  1. Annual Meeting
    1. Tim and June have offered to help hand out the programs to guests.  Refreshments will be available, the Chancellor will present Lori and Nelda with Excellence Awards, and comments will be made regarding the leadership conference.
  1. Old Business
    1. Cathy Van Maren sent a letter expressing concern over ACT standards and low-income students not being admitted to UWL.  She feels that other criteria should be utilized in determining admissions.  (Enrollment management issue)
    2. ASC directed her to Petra Roter.
  1. New Business
    1. Lynn will make comments about the Strategic Plan and send them to Chair Wirkus before leaving for London.
    2. Bill has a booklet comparing UWL to other UWS institutions as far as employment issues are concerned (categories A & B, etc.).
  1. October 1 Meeting
    1. Tim and Lynn excused.
  1. Adjournment for Cartwright
    1. 3:47pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA