Minutes: September 26, 2006

Present:  Hoeft, Richter, Heyer, Robinson, Karpinsky, Veglahn, Brunk

Excused:  Weiland, Jacobson

Guest:  Beth Hartung

Meeting began 3:10 p.m.

Approval of the minutes -  Heyer/Robinson

Beth Hartung (guest speaker) covered the following topics:

A. L.U.N.C.H.E.S. (Learning-Uniting-Networking-Connecting-Helping-Entertaining-Supporting) 

-HR co-sponsored the first one held Friday, September 22, 2006.  Beth will try to get the word out more on this.

-L.U.N.C.H.E.S. is for faculty, staff, and students.  Beth will put in the Eagle Connection and market more to the students in the future.

-The goal is to achieve five different outcomes.   Beth will report on these five outcomes at the end of the year.  The five outcomes are:

1.  Increased congeniality amongst ALL community members

2.  Shared experiences/memories to rejuvenate commitment to UWL-L

3.  Increased knowledge and skills on critical issues facing our community members

4.  OpportUNITY for units/departments to link resulting in shared ideas, values, or

     purposes that knits the units/departments together (Sergiovanni, 2007)

5.  Increased self-awareness resulting in an enhanced community.

     (See the attached handout from Beth on the upcoming L.U.N.C.H.E.S. events)

B. Amanda Goodenough, Assistant Communication Coordinator was hired to assist Beth with community building.  She also works ½ time for Al Thompson. 

C. Welcome Bags

-Welcome bags are given out to new employees.  The bags include a campus planner, local magazine, box of tissues, gum, and other resource items.  Beth welcomes other items for these bags such as OCW brochures, information about the ASC mentoring program, Advising Center pens, etc. 

D.  Education Training

-Training to reach out to faculty, staff, and student leaders.

-Beth will create the training per request, 40 minutes or 3 hour training depending on your need.

E. Hate Response

-now online -  www.uwlax.edu/campusclimate/htm/hateincidentform.html

-received six responses this fall already

-there is a fine line between what is considered a crime and what is not.

-they are trying to utilize space in room 220 as a Safe Space for faculty and staff.  Students can also use this space. 

  1. Assessment of Campus Climate

-Assessment of color (faculty/staff) is long overdo

-will work with System to explore a system wide survey, anticipated timeline is a year from now.  System will administer and analyze the data.

  1. Work Life Advocate

-Beth serves as the work life advocate on campus, she is still learning what it means to have work life balance

-Beth can serve as an advocate; help provide resources…basically serves as an ombudsperson. 

  1. First Year Anniversary and Exit Interviews

-Beth will send out a letter to 1st year anniversary folks to come in and talk to her.

-also a letter will be sent from the Affirmative Action Office when a person resigns and Beth will be the person to do the interviews. 

Discipline Procedures

-Kay expressed concern over self incrimination

-Concern was also expressed that the process needs to be the same across the board and not have our tenured faculty treated differently.

-Recommendation was made to add the statement  “Academic Staff Council is also concerned with the continued unequal policies and procedures as it relates to UW-L System employees.”  Pat will forward changes and ask for a vote via email. 

Marriage Amendment

A review of the Resolution in Opposition to the Proposed Constitutional Amendment Regarding the Definition of Marriage document was briefly reviewed.

-We will have time before the November election to discuss this at our 2nd meeting in October.

-Pat will forward an updated copy of the Marriage Amendment to ASC full council members to review.


Fall Kickoff

-will start at 3:00 p.m. in the Great Hall, Cleary Center

-Tim Walls will recognize the nominees

-Ron Rada will introduce Diane

-Will and/or grads will take care of the food table

-Deb, sign-in table

-Kristen, Professional Development applications

-Sharie and Cary, raffle (10 prizes)

-end at 4:30

      approximately 60 individuals have been invited (Deans, Brent Smith, Faculty Senate

      Executive Committee and Student Senate)

      -cookies, punch/lemonade/coffee provided by the Foundation

      -all academic staff will receive an invite 

Committee Reports

 Pat is currently putting together a charge or recommendation for some of the committees like Salary and Personnel Committee.

Budget and Planning Committee:  Candidate Green does not support the Growth and Access plan.

Chair’s Report

 -Pat met with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel staff

-due to work appointments Pat was unable to meet with NPR staff 

October 10th Fall Kickoff, next full ASC meeting is scheduled for October 24, 2006

Meeting Adjourned 4:26 p.m.