Minutes: September 28, 2004

- Call to order at 3:00

- Introduction of council members

- Recognition of Jan Von Ruden by Chancellor Hasted, followed by a speech by Von Ruden


Last year’s Academic Staff Council Issues

-         Multi-year contract issues

-         Wellness initiative

-         Career progression for instructional academic staff


Salary and Personnel

-         They sent a career progression plan to Faculty Senate

-         Issues they are looking at this year

o       Streamlining the title review process

o       Enhancing ability for eligibility for career progress

o       Salary and titling issues


Budget and Planning

-         Three major issues they want to look at this year

o       Legislative Audit Bureaus Evaluation

§         Delivery of services

§         Efficiency of UW system, how they determine who is an administrator

o       Ten day enrollment numbers

§         We are down 75 students, which means the school is out $300,000

o       How do we keep students here


Legislative / Regent Relations

-         Madison Meeting

o       Issues of recruitment and retention of faculty and staff at all UW schools

o       Creation of a briefing paper about the definition of who is academic staff and what their roles are


Professional Development

-         Proposal packets are available October 4 -25

-         About $7,500 is available each semester


Academic Staff Council Priorities for this year

-         Get Academic Staff to vote

-         Campus climate survey results

-         New communications plan, creation of a new logo and identity

-         Work on resources for external funding

-         Internationalization of campus