Minutes: September 8, 2008

 Present: Kolkmeier, Dodge, Van Roosenbeek, Leahy, Lo, Burton, Sasaki, Bean-Thompson, Robinson

Excused: Heyer, Vahala,


Meeting called to order at 1:19 pm.


I. Approval of Minutes

July and August – Motion to approve: First, Leahy; Second, Lo.            APPROVED


II. Academic Staff Council Fall Kickoff

An email announcement was sent out today. Janie Spencer will be the featured speaker.  The recent Professional Development Grant recipients will have poster presentations at the event. 


III. Vice Chair

The Council discussed altering the structure/roles of the executive team to achieve a continuity of leadership. 


IV. Foundation

The Foundation would like to come speak to the Council. Van Roosenbeek will invite them to the next meeting. 


V. Mission Statement Review

Robinson and Kolkmeier offered to serve on this committee. Their names will be forwarded. 


VI. AS Representative

The group will be meeting next week.  The number of meetings in Madison will likely be reduced.  The group has also talked about how people are notified that it is time for staff to apply for a title change.  UWL requires that the last 5 years must be at the institution to go from no prefix to Senior.  Other campuses do not require that those 5 years be on the campus; they count years at other universities.  Leahy will also ask the other campuses what the budgets of their Academic Staff groups are. 


VII. Committees

We would like to think about charges for the committees. Professional Development will likely be changing some items on the application forms for the Professional Development Grants.  


Meeting adjourned at 2:26pm.