Alana started back in the early 1990's and originally was started by a group of women who needed a support group. Since then ALANA has continually changed to the growing needs of its' members. Today we are more of a educational and social group. We hold weekly meetings and work together to form a strong supportive community.


What to expect this year:

-Self defense at the clock tower- September 14, 4:30 pm

    This will be similar to the description given in the Events page, however, hopefully we will get some new tips for the new incoming freshmen and safe ways to live on and off campus.  


-Phenomenal Women- Nov 5th

   This has been a annual event. We try to get a diverse range of women from different careers. In the past we have had law enforcement, professors, non-profit organizations, community health educators, communications, media, the Chancellors wife- Betsy, and business people.


Real World- TBA spring


Co-Sponsorships- TBA

Movie series- TBA with Women's studies department

White Privilege Conference- Spring TBA
White Privilege Conference is a National conference held throughout the US and we will be fortunate enough to be hosting it in La Crosse this spring. We have not officially made any programs for the conference but will be working closely with Office of Multicultural student services (OMSS) to help host the conference.