Major events:

Phenomenal women


Celebration of women

Socials and fun times

Real World

     -The Real world is our chance to be advisers/mentors for high school students. We generally meet with the students and discuss different topics such as time management, the real myth busters of college, self esteem, and various other topics. In the past we have worked with Upward Bound students and Pre college students.  

Movie series

    -2008-09 we held three movies and discussions afterwards:

A way back home
was about 8 caucuses of women from different backgrounds that were brought together to discussed  different emotions and feelings they have with being a minority or majority.


Killing us softly 3: was by Jean Kilbourn about women's bodies and advertising. Through this video we learned about media and how advertising demeans women and is unrealistically portrayed.


Spin the bottle- Sex, lies and alcohol talked about alcoholism in college life. Through media people have learned scripts as to what college life should be and how one should act. The movie also discussed what it means to be masculine or feminine when it comes to drinking.

Self Defense
 -2008-09 We had a self defense night hosted by three rivers academy. Larry Kalhn instructed a 90 minute class covering women's  basic safety. It was a fun educational night covering topics such as house safety, car safety, campus safety, and featuring good common sense. We hope to have another session next fall.