What is ALANA?

ALANA is a diversity organization that is part of Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS). ALANA first was brought to be by women who needed a support system. However, as times have changed ALANA is now used more as a educational group as well as a supportive environment.


Can anyone join ALANA?

YES, ALANA is open to everyone! Although ALANA stands for Asian Latina African and Native American women- all people are welcome. (Many of our current members are not of the listed ethnicities.) In the past we have also had a few male members. So please join if you are interested.


What does ALANA do?

ALANA is constantly changing, regrouping, and coming up with new innovated ways to engage students, faculty, and the community about different diversity issues. That may sound kind of scary but we try to in cooperate different fun activities that not only deal with physical diversity but also gender issues as well. Also view our Events tab for more information on the events ALANA hosts.


If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact the officers or advisors listed under the Contact Us tab.