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Recommended Minors

Almost any minor can go well with Archaeological studies.  Students are encouraged to pick a minor or double major that will match their interests.  This might include computer science, biology, history, geography/earth sciences or some other discipline.  Some minors that may fit well with your program of study include anthropology, geoarchaeology, or a foreign language. Both anthropology and geoarchaeology are covered on this page.

Anthropology Minor

The Anthropology minor is a 22-credit minor offered through Department of Sociology and Archaeology.  This minor is an excellent complement to and Archaeological studies major, especially for students interested in attending graduate school.


21 credits, including ANT 101, 202, ANT/ARC 454 and electives in anthropology.  Up to 9 credits in archaeology and/or 6 credits in sociology, above the 100 level, may be applied toward the anthropology minor.  Anthropology credits applied to the archaeology major, the sociology major or the sociology minor cannot also be applied to the anthropology minor.


       ANT 101- Human Nature/Human Culture 3 cr.
       ANT 202- Contemporary Global Issues 3 cr.
       ANT/ARC 454- Historical & Theoretical Approaches in Anthropology 3 cr.

Anthropology Electives:

ANT 203- Culture and Ecology
       ANT 250- Women and Society
ANT 285- Arch of Mexico/Central America
ANT 300- Latin America in Transition (or SOC 300)
ANT 304- Hunter & Gatherer Societies
       ANT 305- Indigenous Agricultural Societies
       ANT 315- Prairie-Plains Archaeology
       ANT 334- Bones for the Archaeologist
       ANT 342- The Celtic World
       ANT 343- North American Indians
       ANT 350- Language and Culture
       ANT 352- Anthropology of War
       ANT 353- Maya Civilization
       ANT 354- Peoples & Cultures of Latin Am. (or SOC 354)
       ANT 355- Peoples of Africa and the Middle East
       ANT 360- Catastrophes & Human Societies (or SOC 360)
       ANT 399- Anthropological Forum
       ANT 409- Readings & Research in Anthropology
       ANT 444- Comparative Religion and Magic
       ANT 499- Seminar in Anthropology

Archaeology Electives:
Up to 9 credits above the 100 level may be applied toward the Anthropology minor

       ARC 200- World Archaeology- The Story of Our Past
       ARC 204- Ancient Literate Civilizations
       ARC 205- North American Archaeology
       ARC 250- Museum Studies
       ARC 275- Ancient Britain and Ireland
       ARC 280- Archaeology of the Andes
       ARC 300- Cultural Resource Management
       ARC 310- Midwest Archaeology
       ARC 320- Historical Archaeology
       ARC 331- The Ancient Greek World
       ARC 332- Ancient Rome and the Mediterranean
       ARC 340- The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations
       ARC 350- Independent Foreign Research in Archaeology
       ARC 365- Ancient Iraq
       ARC 366- Ancient Israel
       ARC 367- Ancient Egypt
       ARC 372- History of Women in the Ancient World
       ARC 402- Field Methods in Archaeology
       ARC 403- Archaeology Lab Methods
       ARC 404- Environmental Archaeology
       ARC 409- Readings and Research in Archaeology
       ARC 445- Research Methods in Archaeology
       ARC 455- Historical & Theoretical Perspectives in Archaeology
       ARC 498- Seminar in Archaeology

Sociology Electives:
Up to 6 credits above the 100 level may be applied toward the Anthropology minor

       SOC 212- Marriage and Family
       SOC 216- Society and Schools
       SOC 225- Racial and Ethnic Minorities
       SOC 240- Sociology of Sport and Leisure
       SOC 260- Aging: Sociological Perspectives
       SOC 280- Hmong Americans
       SOC 305- Sociology of Development & Social Change
       SOC 310- Social Stratification
       SOC 311- Rural and Urban Sociology
       SOC 313- Law and Society
       SOC 315- Religion and Society
       SOC 317- Sociology of Film
       SOC 320- Demography
       SOC 321- Delinquency
       SOC 322- Criminology
       SOC 324- Criminal Justice
       SOC 325- Sociology or Mental Illness
       SOC 326- Society and Drugs
       SOC 328- Environmental Sociology
       SOC 330- Social Psychology
       SOC 334- Sociology of Small Groups
       SOC 335- Collective Behavior
       SOC 338- Sociological Aspects of Work and Life
       SOC 340- Bioethics and Society (or PHL 339)
       SOC 343- American Indian Contemporary Issues (ERS 343)
       SOC 363- American Indians & the Environ. (or ERS 363)
       SOC 370- Sociology of Gender
       SOC 399- Sociological Forum
       SOC 409- Readings & Research in Sociology Jr. 2-3 cr. 6 max.
       SOC 410- Sociology Honors Project (Dept. Honors)
       SOC 420- Health Care & Illness
       SOC 422- Death, Grief & Bereavement
       SOC 429- Sociology of Deviance
       SOC 475- Workshop in Applied Sociology
       SOC 480- Comparative Sociology
       SOC 499- Seminar in Sociology


Geoarchaeology Minor

The geoarchaeology minor is a 22 credit interdisciplinary minor pursued by many Archaeological Studies students.  Geoarchaeology is the application of geological and geomorphological techniques to archaeological problems.  This  is one of the fastest-growing areas in archaeology.  This minor is centered in the Department of Geography and Earth sciences, which has faculty specialists in geomorphology, soils studies, and Geographic information Systems (GIS).  See catalog appendix for details or contact Dr. Dean Wilder at wilder.dean@uwlax.edu.

The course requirements for the minor are ARC 200, ESC 222, ARC 310, GEO/ESC 323, GEO/ESC 426, GEO/ESC 343, and one course from ARC 403 or ARC 404. Majors who select the geoarchaeology minor must take 19 credits in the courses listed above in addition to the 36 required for the major.


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