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Upcoming Events

Senior Thesis/Project Presentations:

Wednesday April 30th,, beginning at 5 PM in 311 Wimberly:

 Stephanie Zink: Cannibalism and Aztec Sacrifice

Karla Peterson: The Use of Forensic Archaeology to Investigate Genocide

Megan Sharpless: Unity in Numbers:  The Archaeology of the Demimonde

Shaheen Gutierrez: The Archaeology of Settlement and Migratory Patterns of the Fur Tribe in Darfur, Sudan

Eli Luma: Egyptian Beer Production


Monday May 5th, beginning at 5 PM in 311 Wimberly

Chelsea Gill: A Comparative Analysis of the Temples of Khajuraho and the Ruling Chandallas of India

Kimberly Grunke: The Effects of Christianity upon the British Celts

Jesse Chariton: The Politico-Religious Function of the Double-Headed Eagle at Yazilikaya

Garret Kaminski: Mithraism: Archaeological Evidence of the Spread and Change of a Roman Cult


Wednesday May 7th, beginning at 5 PM in 311 Wimberly

Colin Thomas: EMPA and EDXA Analysis of Slag from Pirque Alto, Bolivia

Sheena Harms: Terrestrial and Aquatic Mollusks as Environmental Indicators at the Brogley Rockshelter, Grant County, Wisconsin

Michael Straskowski: Lithic Analysis of Cade 3 (47Ve630) in Vernon County, Wisconsin

Valerie Chapman: A Detailed Archaeological Analysis of LDF-030D (47VI1257) of Lac du Flambeau, Vilas County, Wisconsin

Beth Hall: Differentiation of Charred Corn Samples via Processing Methods: An Ethno-Archaeological and Experimental Approach


Friday May 9th, beginning at 3:45 PM in 311 Wimberly

Kaitlyn Borland: An Analysis to Determine Seasonality at the Cade 9 site (47VE625) in Vernon County, Wisconsin

Lauren Jagielski: Consumerism in the Late Eighteenth Century:  The Treatment of Disposed Tobacco Pipes form the Mount Pleasant Site (46JF215)Located in Jefferson County, West Virginia

Marisa Meisner: An Archaeological History of Roman Glass

Thomas Schoenleben: An Analytical Comparison of two 16th Century Shipwrecks

Jaclyn Richmond: The Effects of Greco-Romanization on the Worship of Isis in the Ancient Mediterranean.


-The Senior Send Off and Chili Cookoff: Will occur on Saturday, May 10th at Myric Park. Bring your famous (or not so famous) chili to be judged against everyone else...

Meeting Minutes

April 7th, 2008     6:30 PM 311 Wimberly

-We held officer elections, and the people have spoken! President is Ashley Marquardt, Vice President is Jake Pfaffenroth, Webmaster is Jenica Simon, and Treasurer is Kyra Kaercher. They'll be running the next meeting, so be sure to stop by!

-The Indiana Jones Movie Marathon has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 27th. We'll still be having pizza as planned, but the time will likely be earlier in the day. We'll keep you posted, of course...

-Natasha has e-mailed everyone that showed interest in the Effigy Mounds Camping Trip set for April 19th to the 20th; if you weren't e-mailed talk to her ASAP as she's making registrations.

-The Black River Archaeology, LLC, is interested in holding an archaeologists-only showing of the new Indiana Jones movie on the May 22nd weekend (it would be free), but needs to get an idea of interest. If you'll be in the area and are interested in such a thing, get a hold of Colin and he can relay that to the people planning it.

-MVAC is hosting a talk about the excavation of La Belle, La Salle's shipwreck, on April 15th at 7 PM in Port O'Call in Cartwight.

-The Senior Send off is coming up, so prepare your chili for the annual chili cook off! The event will be on Saturday, May 10th, at Myric Park. More details as it approaches!

February 4th, 2008     6:30 PM 311 Wimberly

-The annual Anti-Valentine's Day party is going to be on Saturday, February 16th, beginning at approximately 9:30 PM at Colin's place. Directions will be given out through Facebook message and e-mail beforehand, and we'll also be taking a group from on campus if you'd like to walk together--just meet in front of Baird Hall (outside of the main entrance) at 9:30 if you'd like to walk there together. Food and drinks will be provided, but you're more than welcome to bring your own as well. Hope to see you there!

-The Midwestern Conferences for Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory is taking place in Madison from February 22nd to the 24th. Registration is free, so get ahold of Colin if you're interested in going.

-More SSA info: For everyone that signed up at the meeting we'll be e-mailing you soon about plane tickets, hotel information, and getting the registration fee sorted out. If you weren't at the meeting, e-mail one of us so we know to keep you updated.

-Jackie would like to remind those few remaining to pick up your shirts! Just send her an e-mail to set up a time.


December 5th, 2007     6:05 PM 311 Wimberly

-T-shirts were handed out to those who came--if you weren't there, you're going to have to get ahold of Jackie to figure out a time to get your shirt. The prices are $10 for short sleeve and $12 for long. If you want a shirt and didn't order one, we did end up with some extras--however, we won't do anything with these until we're certain that everyone that ordered a shirt has one. If you're interested, get ahold of any one of us and we can take a note that you'd like a shirt if one's available. We also have a few shirts from last year (and I think I saw one from 2005-2006 as well...) that we're selling for half price. Again, talk to Jackie.

-Upcoming events for next semester include the famous Anti-Valentine's Day party for arc club members and friends, which will take place sometime around Valentine's Day at Colin's place. Obviously we'll have more information for you as it gets closer. We're also planning an Indiana Jones marathon night, the camping trip at the Effigy Mounds, and a few other special events. Also, keep your calendars clear around the end of the spring semester for the (in)famous senior send off!

-Conference information: see the top of the page for updated information on conferences. At this point in time the Archaeology Club is only able to cover registration fees for the SAAs--everything else and you're on your own.


November 5th, 2007     6:05 PM 311 Wimberly

-T-shirts: No idea. Hopefully people will get on that and there will be news soon...

-We're working on a movie night (ideally showing all three Indiana Jones movies) but the details haven't been hashed out yet--expect it either to be on campus (ideally) or at Colin's.

-Check out the SAA website for information on volunteering as a way to mitigate the costs somewhat. The club at best will be able to cover registration fees, but things like hotels, transportation, and food are all going to be up the the individual to cover. Driving takes ~29 hours from La Crosse at approximately $223 for gas (assuming 2000 miles and 27 miles/gallon), and plane tickets range from $450 to $600.


October 8th, 2007     6:05 PM 311 Wimberly

-Allright, there's been a change in the shirts. The quote is the same (and we chose a graphic for the front) but the colour is now a dark red with white writing. You can get either long or short sleeves in S, M, L, or XL (cost will be known soon, probably ~$10 for short and ~$12 for long). If you weren't able to sign up at the meeting give Colin an e-mail ASAP.

-The Effigy Mounds camping trip has been pushed back to spring.

-MVAC's 25th anniversary is coming up, and there will be an exhibit in the art gallery from Oct. 19th to Nov. 13th.

-Silver Mound is coming up this Saturday. If you've signed up to help, go to the lab at any time on Thursday or Friday to pick up shirts and get ride information.

-And look! Here is a video of those crazy Bolivia field school kids...

September 10th, 2007   6:30 PM 311 Wimberly

-Club t-shirts this year are going to be black with hot pink writing, with the Flannery pants quote on the front. Please bring any design ideas to our next meeting, otherwise our shirts are going to be pretty boring

-We're having a cookout on Friday, September 28th, the location TBA but we'll be sure to keep you updated

-Silver Mound Day is on October 13th, and we need volunteers! This is a great opportunity and there's lots to do--help is needed in doing tours, running the games, coordinating parking, manning the info desk, helping with sales, etc. The event runs from 10 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon, and the shift options are 9-12 and 12-3:30. We'll have vans running to and from if transportation is an issue. If you'd like to volunteer, go ahead and sign up at the arc lab or send an e-mail to Connie.

-The deadline for the undergraduate research grants is coming up soon, so get going on that--information can be found here.

-We did a lab tour--if you weren't able to make it, go ahead and stop in at any time, 9-5 M-F, and someone will be around. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated, and it's a good way to get an idea of what areas of lab work interest you.

-Finally, if you have any questions/comments/concerns/whatever, please contact any of the officers (we aren't that mean, I promise) or any of the professors.

-Check back soon for info about our next meeting!


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