Firm Footing: Foundations for Student Academic Success
(Higher Learning Commission - Major Quality Initiative)

The quality and integrity of UW-L's academic programs are identified through

Accreditation + Accountability + Assessment

Accountability & Accreditation     Assessment of Student LearningVoluntary System of Accountability     University-Wide AssessmentUW-System and Institutional Accountability     General Education AssessmentInstitutional and Programmatic Accreditation     Programmatic & Course Assessment


Accreditation is the process by which the university's operations are reviewed on a regular basis to provide quality assurance to the public, in particular to prospective students, that our institution meets clearly stated requirements and criteria through open examination by experienced evaluators familiar with accrediting requirements in a higher education setting.  This process provides an opportunity for critical self-analysis and consultation advice from other regional and programmatic accrediting organizations, leading leading to further improvements in quality. The university is accredited at the institutional level by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. Additionally, several specific programs are accredited by discipline-specific or professional accreditation organizations.

For questions concerning accreditation, contact System Liaison/UW-L Academic Planner Dr. Sandra Grunwald.

Accountability is the process by which the university collects and shares information about our operations so as to provide transparency to students, families, legislators, taxpayers, and other stakeholders about our institution's characteristics, costs, student engagement with the learning process, and progress on core educational outcomes.

For questions concerning accountability, contact Institutional Research Director Natalie Solverson.

Assessment is the process by which the institution as a whole, instructors in a program or department, and instructors in individual courses collect information about student learning in order to understand and improve student achievement of the intended learning outcomes. Assessment of student learning takes place at four levels at the university:

  • Institution-wide assessment
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes in general education
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes in each undergraduate and graduate academic program
  • Assessment of student learning in individual courses

For questions concerning assessment, contact University Assessment Coordinator Dr. Patrick Barlow.