Programmatic and Course Assessment

Programmatic Assessment

Departments and programs are involved in reporting assessment results in three interwoven ways.  First, the university requires a biennial assessment report that is coordinated by college offices (CLS, SAH, & CBA) and Murphy Library.  Second,  departments/programs are reviewed by an external consultant (every seven years) or accreditation body (dependent on the organization's cycle) in conjunction with a university-level review by Faculty Senate's Academic Program Review (APR) Committee.  Finally, assessment plans and their results are a component of academic program review in the form of biennial and annual reports.

Below are the reporting forms in Word and PDF formats:

2010-2012 Biennial Assessment Department/Program Reporting Form .DOCX format  .PDF Format
(For more clarification on how to use this form, along with some model examples, please read this Information Guide)
2010-2012 Biennial Assessment College/Library Reporting Form
.DOCX format  .PDF Format
Illustrated below is a general timeline of the biennial reporting process.

Graphic of Biennial Assessment Process

Course Assessment

Individual faculty members are also active in the assessment of learning outcomes specific to their individual courses. This process may or may not feed directly into the process used for the major or program as instructors may often designate learning outcomes in their courses that reside as separate from either general education or program specific outcomes. Assistance for this kind of assessment is available from CATL through the Assessment Coordinator.

For more information concerning programmatic and course assessment, contact University Assessment Coordinator Dr. Patrick Barlow.