Program Review

Academic programs at UW-La Crosse undergo an Academic Program Review (APR) on a regular cycle as one component of our commitment to academic excellence.  The review process provides an opportunity for program faculty to reflect on curriculum, assessment, new initiatives, personnel, and support for achieving the goals of the program.

Programs that have external accreditation participate in UW-L's APR the year following their accreditation review.  Programs without external accreditation participate in the process, which includes an external review, every seven years.  Free standing minor programs go through an abbreviated process every seven years.

The Academic Program Review Committee is the governance body responsible for maintaining and updating the procedures and criteria used to review academic programs at UW-L.  The APR Committee is also responsible for scheduling and conducting, in consultation with the Provost/Vice Chancellor, the audit and review of academic programs.

Academic programs are reviewed according to the Program Review Schedule.

Program Review Process and Timeline:

    for Accredited Programs 
    for non-Accredited Programs  

Self-Study Format Guidelines:

   All major programs
•   Free-standing minors    
•   New Programs - Initial Review    

Other Pertinent Documents
   APR Committee webpage 

For additional questions or assistance concerning Program Review, please contact Sandy Grunwald, Quality Assurance Coordinator.