Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I get the REQUIRED UW-L physical form?
Several possibilities include:

  1. your coach may send it to you,
  2. you can get it from the athletic office in Mitchell Hall,
  3. they are given out at Orientation & Registration for incoming students in June or
  4. you can download it here. (PDF)

What do I do about the August 1st deadline if my physical is scheduled after that date?
Get us the completed physical form as soon as your physical is done, however, you will not be able to try out or practice with your team until we receive it.

I sent my physical to UW-L right before I came to school.  My first practice is tomorrow and you still do not have it because it is in the mail.  What do I do?
You cannot practice until we receive your physical.  WE always advise you to BRING it with you if there is a chance we would not get it until after practice starts. 

Can I wait to get a physical in La Crosse rather than in my home town with my own doctor?
Yes, but there are only three choices and all require payment for this service.  You can call the UW-L Health Center, Gundersen Lutheran Clinic or Franciscan Skemp Clinic for an appointment.  Please allow at least a few days to get in.  Make sure you take our form for the doctor to fill out and complete.

I had a physical in the summer but it is not on the UW-L physical form.  What do I do?
We CANNOT accept a High School form or any other form for incoming freshmen.  Most doctors' offices will fill out our form with the information from your previous physical using that date INSTEAD of getting a new physical.

If I have a physical form from the armed services, is this acceptable?
NO, you must use our form as it must clearly state that you are able to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

Do I need a new physical every year I compete at UW-L?
NO, physicals are good for 5 years.  However, if you compete beyond the 5 year limit, you will be required to get a new physical.

What does SSN/SIN mean on the physical form?
SSN is your social security and SIN is student identification number.  Only one or the other needs to be on the form.

Do I need to have all the immunizations listed on the physical form?
NO, only list the dates if you have had them.  Leaving it blank means you did not have it.

My doctor forgot to sign and/or check the no restriction box on the physical form?
We cannot accept this without these 2 items being completed.  You must get your doctor to fill in these vital areas before you will be allowed to try out for the team or begin practice.

I had a physical on April 20, 2004 and your Medical/Insurance Requirements (green page) says that the physical may not be before May 1st.  What do I do?
This physical will not be accepted.  You can ask the doctor to fill it out again and use the May 1st date.  If they decline, you will need a new physical after May 1st.


I do not have insurance.  Can I play a sport at UW-L and if not, where can I get insurance?
NO, you cannot play until you get insurance.  Most students get insurance through their parents policy.  If this is not possible, you can go anywhere to get a policy.  UW-L does offer a policy and applications are available at the Student Health Center.

My parent's insurance will be changing (sometime) during the season.  What should I do?
You must notify the athletic training staff as soon as you know the new information so we can properly change it in your file.

My insurance has not changed since I gave you a copy of my insurance card last year.  Do I need to give you a new photocopy or can you just carry over last years copy?
We need a new copy of your insurance card with your name and sport printed at the top each year.

If I get hurt playing a sport at UW-L and my insurance does not pay all my medical bills, will UW-Ls insurance cover the balance thus eliminating my out-of pocket expenses?
NO, UW-L does not carry primary or secondary coverage on its student-athletes.  All athletes are required to carry their own medical insurance. 

I am a military vet and have insurance through the VA, therefore, I have no insurance card.  What do I do?
Simply bring us a photocopy of your military ID as proof of VA insurance.