Working Paper Series

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The Working Paper Series (WPS) hosts unpublished articles in all major areas covered by the Departments of the College of Business Administration: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Sciences, Management, Marketing.
Anyone outside the CBA-UWL wanting to publish a paper in the WPS has to be presented by a faculty member.
To submit a paper, please send an email to
Guidelines for Submission
Anything submitted to the CBA-WPS should be prepared according to this styleguide and use a single document in a popular word-format software(.doc, .pdf, LaTex, and the like).
Formatting guidelines:
Margins: 1 inch all
Font style: Times New Roman 12
Text: double space
SECTION TITLES: Upper case, Bold, TNR 12
Paragraph titles: Bold, TNR 12
Sub-paragraph titles: Italics, TNR 12
The first page of the manuscript must shows title, authors, affiliation, email, month, and year of the submission, an abstract of no more than 200 words, up to five keywords (highly appreciated for classification, and review purposes), acknowledgements, and special thanks must be relegated to footnotes (have a look at the SamplePage.pdf).
Anything not specified above should follow the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL, i.e. American Economic Association) guidelines, available at:
Copyright Disclaimer
All published material is copyright of the author of the paper. Somebody may fear of plagiarism or may be afraid to publish sensible material, authors may not want their paper available on the web.
It is possible, upon explicit request, to set up a password to limit downloads of the paper; this limits accesses and download is at the author(s) discretion.
It is responsibility of the author(s) to communicate this to the WPS editor so that the paper is deleted and public access denied. The previous link to the paper is substituted with a link to the journal where the paper appears.