General Description of the MBA Program

Structured as a general preparation for managerial careers, the MBA prepares students for positions of responsibility in business, education, and government. The program is offered in the evening and provides the versatility of either part-time or full-time study.  Each course meets one night a week, M-TH. The program is available to all qualified students regardless of undergraduate major.

Our program challenges students with problems that require them to address all relevant dimensions of key decisions in a new way. Students will experience an approach that will require them to integrate their existing knowledge base, and "blend and blur" across functional disciplines in much the way they will be required to throughout their professional lives. 

The program consists of a foundation phase and a graduate phase.  Students may have completed some or all of the foundation requirements through their undergraduate degree programs.

Outcomes of an MBA: 

  • Development of decision making skills
  • Problem identification and problem solving 
  • Integrative and critical thinking 
  • Understanding and using technology 
  • Effective teamwork 
  • Leadership 
  • Communication skills 
  • An Appreciation of global, economic, and cultural forces 
  • A heightened awareness of the ethical 
    responsibilities of managers 

Benefits of a UW-L MBA Degree

The University of Wisconsin system schools have excellent national and international name recognition and have an outstanding reputation for high quality education.   Our degree carries all those benefits and others.  Our intention is to challenge students to think critically about issues and problems that we've chosen to organize around three themes: 

  • Changing technological environment 
  • Globalization 
  • Social and environmental responsibility 

The task confronting our students is to develop an inquiring and challenging mind-set about these critical topics while introducing new/advanced managerial skills and techniques. Students will develop a capacity for critical thinking and independent learning. 


Another Option: If you are looking for an entirely online MBA program, the College of Business at UW La Crosse, collaborates with UW Eau Claire, UW Oshkosh, and UW Parkside to offer the University of Wisconsin Consortium Internet MBA. Information on this degree can be found on the