MBA Foundation Phase

Admission to the MBA program is required for this portion of the MBA which consists of a foundation of business study that would be required for students whose undergraduate program was not in a business field. There are 11 topic areas in the foundation phase. Applicants' requirements in this phase will be determined by the program director during the admissions process. Students who have completed an undergraduate program in a business field will normally have satisfied most or all of the foundation requirements. 

Foundation requirements may be completed as resident courses, or through the graduate Internet foundation courses offered in cooperation with other UW system institutions. Part-time students are especially encouraged to complete foundation coursework through the Internet courses, as they are offered in accelerated, shortened formats that provide an opportunity to complete this phase more quickly. 

Foundation Requirements

Financial Accounting  ACC 221 (or ACC 703 Internet)
Study the financial statement approach to explain and apply basic principles of accounting.

Managerial Accounting ACC 222 (or ACC 704 Internet)
Examine accounting principles as they relate to management decision making and cost determination.

Macroeconomics ECO 120 (or ECO 704 Internet)
Learn to apply economic principles to domestic and international problems.

Microeconomics ECO 110 (or ECO 703 Internet)
Investigate microeconomic principles and their application to decision making by individuals, businesses and government.

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business BUS 205
Explore ethical theory and the legal framework in which American business operates.

Information Systems I-S 220
Study the use of information systems to assist management in planning, directing, and controlling the activities of an organization.

Financial Management FIN 355 (or FIN 701 Internet)
Study the financial management of a firm and the finance function.

Marketing MKT 309 (or MKT 700 Internet)
Explore the study of marketing in business and other organizations.

Organizational Behavior MGT 308 (or MGT 703 Internet)
Examine the current contributions of behavioral sciences in describing and analyzing the behavior of individuals and groups in organizations.

Production Management MGT 393 (or MGT 702 Internet)
Investigate the theoretical foundation for decision making in production.

Statistics MTH 145 (or BUS 710 Internet)
Learn the fundamentals of modern statistical methods.

Internet Foundation Courses
Students admitted with foundation requirements will be encouraged to complete those we offer in our accelerated, Distance Education program. These are shortened course formats, conducted via the Internet,  in partnership with other UW System schools.  For further information see the internet foundation consortium at