Christa Kiersch, Ph.D.

Contact Information:

Office: 418F, Wimberly Hall
Phone: 608.785.8112

Teaching schedule and office hours


Ph.D.: Colorado State Universit
y, 2012.

MS: Colorado State University, 2010.

B.S.: University of Iowa, 2007. 

Research and Research Interests:

Recently Published Journal Articles

  • Hansen, A. M., Byrne, Z. S., & Kiersch, C. E. (In press). Development and validation of an abridged measure of organizational justice. The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied.

  • Gonzalez-Mulé, E., DeGeest, D., Kiersch, C. E., & Mount, M. K. (In press). Gender differences in personality predictors of counterproductive behavior. Journal of Managerial Psychology.

  • Byrne, Z.S., Kiersch, C.E., Weidert, J. & Smith, C. (In press). The justice-oriented face of organizations. In M.A. Sarlak (Ed.), The new faces of organizations in 21st Century.

  • Ganster, D.C., Kiersch, C.E., Marsh, R.E., & Bowen, A.(2011). Performance based rewards and work stress. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 31, 221-235.