Management Major

The Management Major provides students with quality education that allows them to understand the purpose of business and how to manage sustainably and ethically in today’s global business environment. To this end, the Management Department has identified the following learning outcomes for the major. Specifically, a management graduate should be able to:

  1. Understand how domestic and global issues impact management practices.

  2. Evaluate management practices and policies with regard to social responsibility and ethics.

  3. Identify and recommend ways to influence individual and group behaviors in organizational situations.

  4. Analyze and recommend solutions for business problems using management concepts and theories.


In addition to competing the general education requirements and the professional core courses, management majors must complete MGT 328, MGT 360, and MGT 408. In addition, they must complete 15 cr. of electives from MGT courses on the 300/400 level, and may include the following non-MGT courses: BUS 305, BUS 405, BUS 415, IS 320, or IS 330. At least 9 cr. of elective credits should be on the 400 level.