Professional Core Courses

Pre-Core General Education Courses
Students need to complete specific general education courses prior to being admitted into the Business Program and taking 300/400 level courses.
Pre-core class requirements

Professional Core Courses
These courses are required for all College of Business Administration students, regardless of major. All core courses must be completed before enrolling in MGT 499 Administrative Policy Determination.

MKT 309: Principles of Marketing
An introduction to the study of marketing in business and other organizations. Topics include: the marketing environment, marketing strategies and decision-making, marketing ethics and the international dimension of marketing strategy. Prerequisite: ECO 110 and junior standing or admission to the business program

FIN 355: Principles of Financial Management
Introduction to financial management of the firm. Topics include: relationship of the finance function with other functional areas of the firm, use of financial statements as measures of corporate performance and for financial forecasting, working capital management, time value of money and its use in the valuation of cash flows, security evaluation, capital budgeting, capital structure, financial intermediaries and investment banking, long-term debt, preferred and common stock, and the effect of these financial decisions on dividend policies. Prerequisite: ECO 110, 120 and ACC 222

MGT 393: Production and Operations Management
This introductory course provides business students with the processes of creating and disseminating value in both manufacturing and service operations. The course includes the theoretical foundations for production and operations management, as well as how decision-making techniques aid the manager in creating and delivering value. Global production and distribution strategies are integrated with management processes and projects. Topics include the operation system and processes, the lean and agile enterprise, six sigma, supply chain management and global logistics. Emerging information and manufacturing technologies within the global supply chain are reviewed. Prerequisite: MTH 145, 175, and junior standing.

MGT 308: Behavior and Theory in Organizations
This course provides an introduction to Organizational Behavior and Theory. Emphasis is on key individual and group level behavioral processes deemed essential for effective management. They include perception, motivation, communication, and group dynamics. In addition, the course covers some basic concepts of organizational theory such as organizational structure and design, organizational culture, and strategy and goals. Prerequisite: junior standing

MGT 449: Administrative Policy Determination
An integrated case study approach to the variables in management policy determination at the overall level. The course will operationally apply the principles, concepts, and methods of the College of Business Administration core requirements to both actual and simulated case situations. May be taken only in the semester of graduation. Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of the core requirements, and senior standing.

Students may need between 12-21 credits in general electives.