Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about majoring in business

Questions about business course work

Questions about majoring in business

What business majors are available to undergraduate students?

UWL's College of Business Administration offers the following majors:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Finance with Risk, Insurance, & Financial Planning
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

and minors

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Information Systems
  • International Business

You may major in more than one business area.

How do I decide which business major to choose?

The Dean's Office , 138 Wimberly Hall, has information on all the business majors which you may find helpful. Check out the departments' websites , too, on career possibilities, etc. And, talk with your faculty advisor …or faculty in any of the business major departments….for more information. If you are an “undeclared” or undecided business major, your faculty advisor is associated with the Economics Department.

The Career Services Office in Centennial Hall also has information at their office, and website. Plan to attend the Career Day sponsored by that office each year, and talk with company recruiters there.

Business student organizations often feature speakers that can provide more insight into career goals. Check out their meetings; join an organization!

The Internet includes many, many career sites…spend some time surfing for information and guidance. Here's one to start with:

Finally, if you are very unsure about your college program in general, perhaps a trip to the Academic Advising Center in Centennial Hall will help you determine which educational path is right for you.

Can I double major in business and another college major?

Most majors (and minors) in the liberal arts and sciences are open to business majors. Many business majors have second majors (and minors) in a variety of areas such as language, communication studies, psychology, political science, mathematics, computer science, etc. Each major department lists its course requirements, and for whom the major is available , in the university undergraduate catalog.

Students with majors in “professional programs,” (such as teacher education, sport management, radiation therapy) may not double major with any of the business degrees. You may, however, re-enter the university to complete a second degree program in a professional area. Details about this issue should be addressed with your Dean's office.

How do I become a business major, or change the business major I currently have?

If you are a student in another college (CLS or SAH), then you should come to the Dean's Office (138 Wimberly Hall) to complete and submit a program change form. You must be in good academic standing to switch to the College of Business Administration. A business faculty advisor will be assigned when your program change request is processed.

If you already have a business major (including undecided in business), and wish to change within the College of Business Administration , you must also take care of this at the Dean's Office. Major, minor, track, etc. changes are only made at the Dean's Office. Your faculty advisor will be reassigned if you change your first major.

Major/minor changes are always due by mid-semester to facilitate the registration process. Changes submitted after mid-term will not be processed until registration has concluded.

What is Admission to the Business Program ?

Students majoring in the College of Business must make application and be accepted to the “professional” or advanced portion of the program (major and core courses). Almost all junior and senior level (300-400 level) business courses are considered the professional coursework. If you are not admitted to the business program, you may not enroll in these courses.

Exception: Students who are in other colleges with the business administration minor, modern language and science majors with the business concentrations, sport management and fitness majors do not have to apply for the business program to enroll in the upper level business courses required for their programs. However, you must be officially declared in these areas to register for these required business courses.

Applying for admission to the business program should not be confused with filing a program change form (changing a major) from another college to the College of Business Administration .

The admission requirements can be found at Students with less than the 2.50 grade point may still submit an application for consideration.

Applications for admission to the Business Program are always due by mid-semester , and you may apply either fall or spring term (not summer). Late applications may not be accepted. If you're planning to apply based on courses you're taking during the spring and summer term, or fall and J-Term, you must submit the application by the previous mid-semester deadline.

Questions about business course work

What are course prerequisites?

Prerequisites are requirements that you must meet before enrolling in a class. Prerequisites help ensure that all students in a class have achieved a certain knowledge or skills.

  • A prerequisite may be a specific course or courses.
    Example: MTH 145 and 175 are prerequisites for MGT 393.
    Example: ECO 110 or 120, and sophomore standing are prerequisites for BUS 205.
  • A prerequisite may require completion of a course with a minimum grade
    Example: The prerequisite for ACC 222 is completion of ACC 221 with a minimum grade of "C" or better.
  • A prerequisite may be admission to a specific program.
    Example: Admission to the Business Program is prerequisite for enrollment in MKT 309.

Course prerequisites are listed in the university undergraduate catalog , either in the individual course description or at the beginning of each departments' major description.

What is the business core curriculum?

The business core curriculum is composed of eleven “ pre-business ” and five “professional ” core courses that provide a general foundation in business for all business majors.

Is there a minimum grade point average required for business students?

Some core courses must be completed with no less than a “C” grade: ECO 110, 120, ACC 221, 222 and BUS 205. Overall, you must earn a 2.00 grade point in the core courses to graduate; accountancy majors must earn a 2.50 grade point average in the core.