Academic Advising

The College of Business Administration is committed to providing quality programs.  This includes academic advising of business students by our faculty, who are well qualified and genuinely care that our students enhance their intellectual and personal development through the advising process.  Faculty advisors are assigned based on students' major programs.

Faculty advisors will assist students with many issues and students should plan to meet with their advisors to discuss such things as course requirements, being accepted to the business program, careers and professions related to their majors, concerns about academic achievement, and graduate education.  Faculty advisor assignment is found in the WINGS Student Center.

Program Advising

The information in this portion of the CBA Web site is focused on providing information about appropriately scheduling the business core and major requirements. The important things about which students have to take notice are the Pre-Business Core Requirement and the Professional Core Courses. Students may find this helpful as they plan schedules at registration time.

The advising programs are based on year in school. Choose your status:

Freshman Sophomore Junior/Senior

       MAJOR course scheduling recommendations can be found at the "Junior/Senior button."

For more information about the Pre-Business Core Requirement and the Professional Core Requirement, choose from below:

Pre-Business Core
Admission to the Business Program                           Professional Core

All degree requirements are otherwise found in the university catalog and students may also find the CBA check sheets (dispensed outside 223 and in 138 Wimberly Hall) especially helpful as they provide a complete list of course requirements for all business majors. Your Advisement Report is run for your currently declared major. If you need assistance to interpret your report, see your faculty advisor.  For additional information contact Ms. Amelia Dittman, Assistant to the Dean.

Students are expected to confirm all degree requirements have been met with the Dean's Office.  Seniors must schedule a "credit check" with that office the semester prior to their final one.  Call 785-8090 to schedule this appointment.

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