Registration Advising for Freshman Year

In the freshman year most of the classes that need to be taken are the courses to satisfy the General Education program. For students who already declared their major, it is necessary to take some of the Pre-Business Core Classes.

Pre-Business Core classes that can be completed during the freshman year:

ENG 110 or 112 (3 cr)
MTH 175 (4 cr) Prereq: MTH 150 or appropriate placement test scores. MTH 207 is an automatic substitute for MTH 175
MTH 145 (4 cr) Prereq: MTH 050 or appropriate placement test scores
ECO 110 (3 cr)*
ECO 120 (3 cr)*
IS 220 (4 cr)

* Grade "C" or better required  

Courses in bold type are applicable to the university's General Education requirements.


Students must earn a minimum of 48 credits of General Education courses.

Students must earn the minimum credits within each category (totaling 39 credits).

Students earn the remaining credits from any combination of categories.


  • Grades of "C," minimum, are required in ECO 110 and 120. If students do not expect to earn this minimum, at the time they are advance registering, they are encouraged to register to repeat.
  • Students who placed into remedial courses (ENG and MTH 050), must complete the coursework in their freshman year. If they have not yet enrolled in the requirement, they must do so for second semester. The Advisement Report can verify this requirement.
  • The pre-business requirements should be reviewed for completion over the next three semesters.
  •  Advisement Reports will identify uncompleted program requirements.