Junior and Senior Information Systems Major

Freshman and Sophomore Year 

CS 120 (prereq. MTH 175 or MTH 151 or appropriate math placement.)
CS 220 (prereq. CS 120)

Junior Year

CS 364 (prereq. CS 220) usually offered in the fall
IS 300 (prereq. IS 220) usually offered in the spring
IS 310 (prereq. IS  220) usually offered in the spring                               

Senior Year 

IS 330 (prereq. CS 120, IS 310) usually offered in the fall 
IS 401
(prereq. CS 120; IS 310, 330) usually only offered in the fall
IS 411 (prereq. CS 364; IS 401) usually only offered in the spring                                  

Junior or Senior Year

Complete the one required elective, choosing from:
     IS 320 (prereq. IS 220; CS 120)
     MGT 370
     MGT 395 (prereq. MGT 393)
     IS 405 (prereq. IS 401)
     IS 451 (see catalog under "Internships" for prereq.)
     IS 499 (prereq. consent of instructor)
     CS 464 (prereq. CS 364)

Special notice should be given to the University’s graduation requirement of 40 credits at the 300/400 level. Students in this major will not automatically meet this requirement. It is a good idea to check this requirement on the Advisement Report before the senior year to determine how many, if any, credits students will still need to elect to meet this requirement.

IS students are encouraged (not required) to complete MTH 225, Math Logic, in the freshman year. Further, a computer science minor (for which MTH 225 is required) is strongly recommended.