Junior and Senior Management Major

Management Major (24 cr.)

First semester of admission to the business program (junior year)
MGT 328

Junior Year
MGT 360 (Senior year is also acceptable for this class, but junior year preferred)

Senior Year
MGT 408 (Junior year is possible, but not advised, for this class)

Students will also choose 15 credits of elective coursework from all other 300/400 level courses offered by the Management Department:  BUS 305, 405, 415; IS 320, 330.  At least nine of the elective credits should be on the 400 level.

MGT course offerings in the university catalog:
303        400

370        412           
385        428
386        430
395        431
398        450
399        452



Special notice should be given to the University’s graduation requirement of 40 credits at the 300/400 level. Students will not automatically meet this requirement and may need to plan for additional credit at that level. Check your Advisement Report before the senior year to determine the status of this requirement.