Junior and Senior Marketing Major

Also see the Marketing Department Web site for more detailed information.

Junior Year

MKT 362 (prereq. MKT 309)
MKT 367 (prereq. BUS 230, MKT 309)
MKT 341 (prereq. MKT 309)

Senior Year

MKT 415 (prereq. MKT 362, 367)
MKT 479 (prereq. MKT 362, 367) should be taken final semester, concurrently, with MKT 415

Students will also complete, in the junior or senior year, the following:

MKT 386 (prereq. MKT 309)
MKT 365 (prereq. MKT 309)
MKT 370 (prereq. MKT 309)

Special notice should be given to the University’s graduation requirement of 40 credits at the 300/400 level. Students will not automatically meet this requirement and may need to plan for additional credit at that level. Check this requirement on the Advisement Report before the senior year to determine if additional coursework is necessary.