Junior/Senior Advising following Admission to the Business Program

During the junior/senior year, students need to complete the 300/400 level - Professional Business Core  and Major courses.

Advising tip:  Given the workload in advanced courses, it is recommended that in the first semester of admission that students complete 2-3 of the advanced core courses, MGT 308, 393; MKT 309; FIN 355.  Students who have yet to complete MTH 175 are discouraged from engaging in that with FIN 355.  (MTH 175 is a prerequisite for MGT 393.)

300/400 level - Professional Core Courses.

MKT 309 (3 cr)
FIN 355 (3 cr)
MGT 393 (3 cr)
MGT 308 (3 cr)
MGT 449 (3 cr) (Final Semester. Completion of all the above courses and the Pre-Business Core is required to take MGT 449.)

To see the required courses for your major, click below:

Accounting Economics Finance
Information Systems Management Marketing
  International Business