Aquatic Science Faculty

Dr. Colin Belby, Assistant Professor (sedimentation, geomorphology)

Dr. Bonnie Bratina, Associate Professor (aquatic microbial ecology)*

Dr. Nadia Carmosini, Assistant Professor (aquatic contaminants)

Dr. Timothy Gerber, Professor (ecology of aquatic vascular plants, wetland ecology)*

Dr. Gretchen Gerrish, Assistant Professor (marine biology, zooplankton ecology)*

Dr. Roger Haro, Professor (aquatic invertebrates, watershed ecology, GIS)*

Dr. Tisha King-Heiden, Assistant Professor (reproductive physiology of fish)*

Dr. Kris Rolfhus, Professor (aquatic chemistry, mercury contamination and biogeochemistry)

Dr. Mark Sandheinrich, Professor (aquatic toxicology, fisheries)*

Dr. Greg Sandland, Associate Professor (parasitology)*

Dr. Eric Strauss, Associate Professor (ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, water quality)*

Dr. Meredith Thomsen, Associate Professor (plant community ecology, riparian ecology)*

Dr. Robin Tyser, Professor (ecology, GIS)*

Dr. Michael Winfrey, Professor (microbial ecology, biogeochemistry)*

*Faculty housed in a department that has a graduate program