Reviewer for Ecology, Aquatic Biology, Journal of Crustacean Biology

Peer Reviewed Publications: (* indicate undergraduate collaborators)

Gerrish G.A. (in review) How life history, genetics and physical habitat influence the spatial
structuring of bioluminescent marine ostracod populations. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

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resource: the role of light in partitioning the nocturnal niche. Oecologia 160(3): 525-536.

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pigment variation in the ephippia of Daphnia pulicaria. Freshwater Biology 48: 1-12.

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Amand. (2000) Evaluations of phytoplankton communities using varied techniques: a multimedia comparison of lakes in northern Wisconsin, U.S.A. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 27: 1023-1030

Published Opinion:

Rypien K.L., J. Anderson, J.A. Andras, R.W. Clark, G.A. Gerrish, J.T. Mandel, M.L. Nydam and
D.K. Riskin. (2007) Students unite to create State of the Planet course. Nature 447: 7146.

Selected Published Abstracts:

2010 Gerrish G.A., Morin J.G. Living in ‘sympatry’: coexistence through microhabitat and
temporal niche partitioning. Benthic Ecology Meeting, Wilmington, NC (Oral)
2007 Gerrish G.A. Integrating a mark and recapture based kernel model of dispersal wit GIS habitat mapping to develop habitat movement probabilities for a marine ostracod. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography; Santa Fe, New Mexico (Poster)

2006 Gerrish G.A., Morin J.G., Rivers T.J. and Z. Patrawala, Light dependency:
activity patterns of bioluminescent ostracods in rhythm with lunar cycles. Benthic Ecology Meeting; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (Oral)

2005 Gerrish G.A. Using small scale patchiness to predict large scale habitat patterns in marine grassbeds. Ecological Society of America; Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Oral)