Academic Support Services Agreements (ASSA), Payment to Individual Reports (PIR), and Extraordinary Payments (EOP)

This guide is not intended to provide all details of payments policy. Specific questions should be directed to Budget & Finance, 785-8554.

Employees and Independent Contractors

UW-L secures personal services from individuals and business entities through one of two methods: an employer-employee relationship (hire) or an agreement with an independent contractor. Independent contractors may include speakers and guest lecturers in a nonpublic setting. Officials for athletic events and contest judges may also be considered independent contractors. Generally, an independent contractor situation exists if the service is provided regularly and continuously to the general public, and the service is the principal source of livelihood or profit. The institution may not control how the work must be done, only the result of the work. An independent contractor may be an individual, a group of individuals or a business entity. If the service desired is available from more than one source, competitive procurement rules apply and purchasing bid and waiver regulations must be followed.

Academic Support Services Agreements (ASSA)

Some services provided by independent contractors represent special talents needed by UW-L on a temporary basis to fulfill its missions of instruction, research and public service. If the service is from an independent contractor, not an employee, and is a unique, noncompetitive activity supporting instruction, research, or public service, it will be considered an Academic Support Service, and the ASSA form shall be used to contract for the service.

The ASSA must be fully filled out with the contractor's name, contact information, Social Security number (or Federal Employee ID number), dates of service, payment amount and payment terms. Unless otherwise specified, payment will only be made after the ending service date; if intermediate payments are desired, these must be specified explicitly. (Use the available space on the form or attach a separate payment schedule.) Also, the "scope of service" field must be filled out, in order to verify that the nature of the service being provided is appropriate to the ASSA form. After the form has been completed and the contractor has signed it, please send it to Contract Administration, 125 Graff Main Hall, where it will be reviewed and signed by the appropriate individual with contractual authority for the university.

Because the ASSA is a contract promising payment by the university in exchange for a service provided; a PIR form is required in order for the actual payment to be issued.

Please direct any questions to Scott Holzem, Contract Administrator, at 785-8569.

Payments to Individuals (PIR)

The Payment to Individual Report (PIR) form is used to request all payments to individuals except salaries, employee reimbursements, and payment to subcontractors and architects. All PIR requests must include documentation that clearly indicates the purpose of the payment, the benefit to UW-L, and, preferably, an agreement between the payee and UW-L. (When the payment is being made pursuant to an ASSA between the university and the individual, a copy of the ASSA should be submitted along with the PIR to satisfy this documentation requirement.)

Examples of payments that can be made using a PIR:

  • Payments relating to an Academic Support Services Agreement (ASSA) – see above.
  • Scholarship – An amount paid or allowed to, or for the benefit of, a student at an educational institution to aid in the pursuit of studies.
  • Grant Participation Support – Payments to students for the purchase of materials related to their research or scholarship while participating in approved grant activities under faculty supervision.
  • Human Subject Payments.

The PIR form requires dean's office or division director approval. Specific questions will be answered by Budget & Finance, 785-8611.

Extraordinary Payments (EOP)

Extraordinary payments (EOPs) are used to pay university employees for teaching overload classes or additional work that is unusual, short-term or nonrecurring in nature, beyond their regular duties and usually done outside of their normal work hours. (7:45 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday is the presumed work week, unless there is an approved alternate schedule on file.)


  • teaching a night class after the employee's normal work hours
  • conducting a workshop on a weekend
  • completing a special project or assignment that is outside of job responsibilities

Do not use an EOP in place of an Inter-institutional Agreements (IIA) or Payment to Individual Report (PIR). IIAs are used to pay an employee of another UW-System institution for work done for UW-L. PIRs are used to pay non-employees. EOP forms may not be used for paying classified employees or LTEs.

In general, an EOP cannot be used to pay an employee from a 133 or a 144 funded account. Contact Budget & Finance, 785-8554 for assistance.

Completed EOP forms with signatures must be received by Human Resources by the 15th of each month for payment on the first of the next month. For assistance, call 785-8013.