Mileage Reimbursement Rates

As part of the UW-L travel cost savings strategies, the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee has endorsed the concept of limiting travel reimbursements to employees, for personal vehicle miles, to the amount that might be reasonably paid had a rental vehicle been utilized.  A schedule of Personal Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement has been created to help determine the amount travelers should be reimbursed for vehicle travel.  This schedule compares the cost of vehicle mileage to vehicle rental and related fuel expenses.  It lists total mileage to each UW campus and other frequent destinations for UW-La Crosse travelers.  An additional 35 miles has been built in to accommodate travel from meeting locations to hotels or restaurants.  Within reason, please try to limit mileage reimbursements to the Allowable Reimbursement amounts listed on this schedule.  

 This schedule is intended to be used as a guide when budgeting travel, calculating anticipated travel costs and completing Travel Expense Reimbursements (TER).  When travel is to a destination not listed on this schedule, please use the Rental vs. Personal spreadsheet as a guide to help determine the reasonable reimbursement amount