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Thank you for checking the Campus Activities Board Webpage. We want to share some information so you might know more about being a GA for us. The advisers to this organization work closely with 11 student coordinators and 20-30 volunteers, and provide guidance and mentorship that is vital for the success of the Campus Activities Board. CAB is a successful student run organization that provides a student-centered GA experience and application of student development theory. CAB advisers learn all aspects of event planning and advising in a cooperative, team oriented environment. This assistantship prepares GAs for Student Affairs work in a variety of transferable areas; individual advising, training and development, inclusive program development, learning outcomes and budgeting. This area is co-advised by one first year GA, one second year GA and one full time staff mentor. Consider joining this team to enhance not only your professional experience, but your life.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the current Grad Students:

Billy Werb –

Tevelung Lee –

Or the full time staff mentor:

Jaralee Richter-

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Messages from current student Board Members:

Megan Mundt: President
"The grads that I've worked with in my three years in CAB have had a big impact on my life. The first encouraged me to get on the board, the second encouraged me to take more risks on the board, and the third has been one of my most trusted and consistent resources. Now I have a leadership position, much more self-confidence than I used to, and so much experience (not to mention all of the fun and laughter we've shared). I can't stress enough what a wonderful thing it has been to know and work with grads in CAB."

Lindsay Robertson: Vice President of Membership and Development
"Working with grad students while on the Campus Activities Board has been one of the most beneficial experiences for me as an undergraduate student. One of the past grad students inspired me to join the field of Student Affairs, while others have given me insight about programs and internships. The grad students have the opportunity to meet performers, work directly with students as an advisor, and as a colleague to the faculty. Our board would not be able to function as efficiently as it does without these grad students participating. They contribute so much to our team all throughout the year, both as friends and leaders."

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