UW-La Crosse Centennial Campaign Academic Building illustration

Investing in our Faculty and Staff

Photo of an art faculty member helping a student in the studio

Our faculty and staff are the difference-makers at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

We take pride in dedicated professionals like Enilda Delgado and her award-winning research on Latino child care issues. We are excited by the passion and success of Aaron Monte, Marc Rott, Bill Schwan, Tom Volk, and student Leah DeFoe, who were recently granted a patent for discovering anti-infective agents in a plant used by the Ojibwa Indians for healing.

We must continue to raise the philanthropic support needed to attract and retain such outstanding teachers, scholars and practitioners. This means investing in endowed professorships as well as other faculty grants and awards. Such commitments come at a steep price but with benefits that merit the costs:

  • Faculty honored by appointments to professorships will not only receive additional resources to enhance their scholarly and teaching pursuits, but will be accorded the prestige and recognition such an appointment brings within the university and in the greater academic community.
  • UW-L will compete favorably with other top academic institutions in recruiting and retaining the most talented faculty as teachers and researchers.
  • Great faculty attract great students those who are motivated to learn from and work alongside teachers and mentors who will challenge and inspire them.
  • Donors will have the satisfaction of knowing their investments and their names will be linked in perpetuity with a commitment to academic excellence.

Increased opportunities for professional development will ensure that our faculty stays abreast of new thinking and technology in their respective disciplines and will keep them at the leading edge of teaching techniques in their classrooms and laboratories.