UW-La Crosse Centennial Campaign Academic Building illustration

Investing in our Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a vital source of support that funds many important institutional initiatives and aspects of student life at UW-L. Annual gifts from alumni, parents and friends allow us to offer our students the best educational and living experiences possible.

The UW-L Annual Fund supports:

  • Scholarships to deserving and talented students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend UW-L.
  • Grants to faculty and staff for professional and program development.
  • Research opportunities for faculty and students.
  • Our Distinguished Professor, Dr. James Wiener, an internationally recognized scientist now associated with UW-Lís River Studies Program.
  • UW-Lís capacity to capitalize on unexpected opportunities when quick action and ready funds are essential.
  • Grants to the university to help fund the publication and distribution of the Alumnus magazine.
  • Special funding needs for campus building projects such as the Health Science Center and the stadium/sports complex.
  • Campus grants for new programs or projects that represent new, unique and creative initiatives setting UW-L apart from other institutions.

A critical ingredient to the success of the Centennial Campaign for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is the growth of the Annual Fund. We must be prepared to meet future challenges and opportunities to maintain that special margin of excellence that is a hallmark of our university. Our goal is to grow the Annual Fund by an average of 15% in each of the five years of the campaign.

Incorporating the Annual Fund into the Centennial Campaign means that every gift counts and will make a difference in reaching the campaignís total goal. As you consider your participation in this campaign, we ask that you include increasing your level of support for UW-L through the Annual Fund. Remember that your generosity may well inspire others to reflect on the meaning of UW-La Crosse in their lives and to follow your example.