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  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Research & Resource Center for Campus Climate! Our office, located in 1120 Centennial Hall, provides a variety of services and resources including:

    • Cross-cultural competency trainings
    • Social justice programming
    • Hate/bias response
    • Community building
    • Diversity & inclusion resource library
    • Care, concern and support for the individual and collective impacted by negative climate issues

    "Campus climate" is a measure (real or perceived) of the campus environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic and professional interactions. This includes events, messages, symbols, core beliefs, feelings, attitudes and so much more, which make UWL a welcoming environment (or not) for everyone. All of these things can range from subtle to cumulative to dramatic, and can influence whether an individual or collective feels safe, listened to, valued and treated fairly.

    Our work is guided by the principles of Inclusive Excellence: "our active, intentional, and ongoing commitment to bridge differences with understanding and respect so all can thrive." Everybody can play a role in building this Inclusive Excellence community. Please join us in our efforts to make and maintain a positive climate for the UWL campus and beyond.

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