change agent!

(Photo of Tofer Femal)


Kimberly, Wisconsin

UW-L Major/Minor:
International Business & Marketing Major and French Minor

Future Goals/Aspirations:
I'm hoping to finish up my degree here at UWL then I'd like to continue on for my Masters Degree in either sociology or international affairs. After all of that I'd like to find a company to work for that is socially and environmentally responsible and work in either advertising, sales, or marketing.

Favorite Activity/Hobby:
Sports, Music, & the Outdoors

Words to Live By:
The greatest achievement is selflessness. The greatest worth is self-mastery. The greatest quality is seeking to serve others. The greatest precept is continual awareness. The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything. The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways. The greatest magic is transmuting the passions. The greatest generosity is non-attachment. The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind. The greatest patience is humility. The greatest effort is not concerned with results. The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go. The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

The greatest thing that I wish to do is to make a difference in another person's life.

Favorite ATP Memory:
I have to go with either mowing the "grass" or ATP making the Kalahari become aware.

When I think of Awareness through Performance, I think of...
Awareness of our campus diversity and what it means to all the students of UW-La Crosse.

Involvement with ATP has had this impact on me:
It has gotten me to keep questioning and keep wanting a better world and a better life for EVERYBODY!

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