civility report form

What is this form?
In a continued effort to enrich the campus climate here at UW-L, we want to provide a confidential forum for you to share your experiences with civil or uncivil behavior. The purpose of this form is to monitor occurrences of civil and uncivil acts and respond appropriately, provide an outlet for people to recognize acts of kindness, and use the data collected to grow as a campus community.  


What is civility?

At its most basic level, civility refers to showing others kindness, courtesy, and respect. Digging a little deeper, civility is about constantly being open to listen, to learn, to teach and to change. It seeks common ground as a beginning point for dialogue when differences occur, while at the same time recognizing that differences enrich our campus.

Fill this form out!
We want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to fill this form out if you have experienced, witnessed or even heard about an act of kindness, someone lending a helping hand, or someone going out of their way to benefit those around them. Conversely, we want to hear about actions that negatively affect the campus community as well.

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