Billing Process

Billing reminders are e-mailed to the students at their official university e-mail address around the 10th day of classes each term. They will be directed to their WINGS Student Center to view the billing statement.

Students have 30 days from the date of the statement to make payment in full and avoid any finance charges. Any balance remaining after the due date noted on the billing statement will be assessed a 1% finance charge.

A new billing statement will be created for any remaining charges or additional charges added since the creation of the first statement. Charges can be incurred throughout the semester, and students are billed monthly. Students may view their billing detail on the Web through WINGS Student Center.

Students can also print or e-mail their billing statement from WINGS. Bill due dates are posted online at: Registration for a future semester is allowed only after the student has paid the current and previous semester bills in full.

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