Patrick Barlow
Assessment Coordinator

185 Wing Technology Center


Assessment involves the collection of information about the learning taking place within a course, across a major program, or over an entire institution’s curriculum and the use of that information to improve the learning experience or to provide evidence to solidify current pedagogy.  This information can come in the form of quantitative or qualitative data, from direct or indirect measures, for use in a summative or formative fashion.  While the primary focus of assessment is on the improvement of learning, a secondary use of the process can meet calls for accountability from interested stakeholders.  Demonstration of effective use of assessment helps to meet this need for accountability as we can show the evidence for our ability to help students meet our intended learning outcomes and document the processes used for improvement. 

Teaching and Learning Goals

The Assessment Coordinator provides resources, opportunities, and consultation services for instructors seeking to improve student learning through use of assessment strategies via individual and group sessions.  In addition to individual faculty and group consultations, the Assessment Coordinator is tasked with the following in support of student learning assessment throughout the university:

·     Consultation with faculty groups and committees on all phases of student learning assessment (e.g., planning, implementation, data analysis, reporting)

·     Development of resource materials and presentations to help faculty and staff streamline and improve their classroom and program assessment practices

·     Coordination, administration, and reporting of university-wide assessment activities (e.g., Collegiate Learning Assessment, National Survey of Student Engagement)

·     Dissemination and communication of student learning assessment results to internal and external constituencies

·     Development and promotion of strategies using assessment results to foster educational improvement

·     Coordination, tracking, and projection of needed action related to assessment of student learning for accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission

·     Consultation to departments and programs about the assessment of student learning needed for their accreditation studies


Teaching & Learning Activities

CATL workshops on assessment of student learning issues.  Check the CATL calendar for upcoming presentations.

Consultations with individual instructors and programs about the use of assessment strategies designed to understand and improve student learning.

Resources for Assessment of Student Learning at UW-L

Institution Wide Assessment of Student Learning:

Assessment of Student Learning within General Education:

Assessment of Student Learning within the Division of Student Affairs:

Other Resources

InsideHigherEd Assessment and Accountability News:

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)

Association of American College and Universities (AACU)



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