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2014 Poster Presentation Gallery
2013 Keynote Presentation by Valerie Purdie-Vaughns:
Stereotype Threat and the Psychology of Achievement Gaps:
Causes and Solutions to Student Underperformance
2012 Select Posters & Presentations
2011 Keynote Presentation by Regan A. R. Gurung:
Invigorating Student Learning: How Should Students Study?
2010 Keynote Presentation by Bill Cerbin:
Making Thinking Visible

Select Presentations
2009 Keynote Presentation by Bill Cerbin:
How the Way People Think Makes It Difficult to Learn... and Complicates Teaching

Select Posters & Presentations
2008 Worksheet from Craig E. Nelson's Keynote Address:
Achievement, Equity, and Retention: Key Pedagogical Changes that Can Make a Real Difference in ANY College Classroom [Without Lowering Standards]
2007 Select Presentations
2006 Select Resources and Materials
2006 Classroom Assessment Techniques - Teaching Goals Inventory
(Self-evaluation form)
2005 Keynote Mini-Lecture Outline by Peter Seldin:
Successful Use of Student Ratings and Teaching Portfolios
2001 Keynote Presentation by Barbara Walvoord:
Teaching Well Using Technology (Presentation linked from external site)
1997 Handout developed by Barbara Walvoord:
How to Make Grading and Responding Quick, Fair, and Conducive to Learning:
How to Use the Grading process for Departmental or Institutional Assessment
1996 Handout for Keynote Presentation by Charles Bonwell:
Creating Excitement in the Classroom

Essays from UW-L Instructors:
Searching for Community & Common Ground in Education - What are We Trying to Accomplish in Gen Ed?
1995 Faculty Forum - Assessment: Bureaucratic Nuisance or Opportunity to Enhance Teaching and Learning?
1991 Keynote Presentation by Ernest Boyer: Scholarship Reconsidered
(Original notes from speech courtesy of the Boyer Center, Messiah College)
1990 Teaching Critical Thinking in the College Classroom
1990 Symposium on Teaching Critical Thinking