Learning by Design Program

"Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the learner does to learn." - Herbert Simon, Nobel Laureate

In the Learning by Design (LbD) Program instructors redesign one of their courses, and develop course materials and teaching strategies intended to improve student learning. This is a year-long program in which instructors:

  • Participate in the Learning by Design Seminar. Participants learn about and apply instructional design principles to redesign their course and teaching practices. Led by CATL staff, the month-long seminar is offered in a blended learning format.

  • Plan a redesign project. Each participant develops a plan for redesigning a course, develops new course materials during the summer, and prepares for teaching the redesigned course in an upcoming semester.

  • Implement the redesign project. Participants teach and assess their redesigned course.

  • Document and disseminate the project. Participants document their project and present it at a CATL event.

2014-15 Learning by Design participants:

Gwen Achenreiner, Marketing
Anita Baines, Biology
Colin Belby, Geography & Earth Science
Laurie Harmon, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation
Kate Hawkes, Art
Sergey Komissarov, Accountancy
Lema Kabashi, Educational Studies
Joci Newton, Psychology
Meredith Thomsen, Biology
Amy Tischler, Exercise & Sports Science
Jan Wellik, English

2013-14 Learning by Design participants:

David Hart, English
Jennifer Klein, Biology
Marti Lybeck, History
Maggie McDermott, Marketing
Sheri Ross, Philosophy
Heather Schenck, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kelly Sultzbach, English
Bernadette Taylor, Microbiology
Steve Tippins, Finance
Adam Van Liere, Political Science & Public Administration
Peter Wilker, Microbiology