Mission and Goals

The mission of CATL is to support improvement of teaching and student learning at UW-L. The Center provides opportunities for instructors to improve their practice through workshops, conferences, colloquia, informal discussions, grant projects, and individual consultation.

CATL programs and services are based on the premise that teaching, like other forms of scholarship, is complex intellectual work. CATL encourages a spirit of inquiry in which instructors can refine their current practices, explore alternative approaches and work together on improvement of their teaching and student learning.

The goals of CATL are to help instructors:

  1. Improve the design and implementation of instructional materials, assignments, teaching practices, and assessment of student learning.
  2. Understand how students learn and how differences among students affect their learning.
  3. Establish learning environments that are supportive, safe and challenging for all students.
  4. Integrate multi-cultural content into the curriculum.
  5. Use assessment practices to improve student learning courses and academic programs.
  6. Develop materials and practices to improve the quality of student writing and student learning through writing.
  7. Incorporate instructional technologies that support student learning in face to face and online classes.
  8. Develop courses and curriculum materials based on sound instructional design principles such as writing measureable learning objectives, integration of appropriate technologies, use of quality assessment materials, and use of various approaches to support student learning.