Internship Application

Overview of Internship Qualifications & Expectations

The Research Center for Cultural Diversity and Community Renewal (CDCR) Internship Program is designed to offer several local and national internship opportunities for CDCR students. The goal of these internships is to allow students to work closely with various professionals in order to explore specific programs and professions as well as to gain a more in-depth understanding of how different institutions impact and are impacted by education. It is our hope that these experiences will also foster personal, academic, and professional growth. Students seeking internships are expected to:

  • Demonstrate clear commitment to diversity and individuals of diverse backgrounds
  • Illustrate experience with, and active participation in, campus and community multicultural issues/activities
  • Exhibit proficiency in skillful and respectful communication techniques
  • Maintain professional or academic link to teacher education or related fields
  • If an active student: Maintain a G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher

Application Process

If you are interested in completing an internship through the CDCR office, please print and complete the application and send it directly to the CDCR office at UW-La Crosse. All applications will be reviewed and considered before final placements are determined.