CDCR Hmong Resource Center

One of CDCR's goal is to build a library collection of books, articles, and multimedia that will assist students, faculty, staff and the community in learning more about the Hmong culture, history and language.  The Resource Center will help individuals integrate the Hmong culture and history into curriculum practices, classrooms, workshops and presentations.  The Resource Center contains materials in different formats such as, text books both in English and Hmong, multimedia, bi-lingual children's books, cultural artifacts, news articles and other educational resources for teacher and classroom management.  The Resource Center continues to grow as we seek for more resources with a hope that within the next year, the Resource Center will aid as a learning tool for all educators to use.

If you are interested in checking out any of the materials from our office, you may stop by at 335 Morris Hall or reserve the materials by calling 785-5080 or emailing CDCR at

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If you wish to do further research about the Hmong people or want to learn more, click on the following websites to visit them.

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