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Created in 1993 by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program was developed in order to recognize innovation in design and effort in constructing energy efficient and environmentally conscious buildings.  When the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) was created in 1998, they took over the certification program and increased to qualification standards which now stand at seven.  These areas now include:

-Sustainable sites
-Water efficiency
-Energy and atmosphere
-Materials and resources
-Indoor environmental qualify
-Innovation in design
-Regional priority

For more information on LEED qualifications, certification, rating system and a project checklist, click here.

Centennial Hall is on track to be Silver Certified, achieving between 50 and 60 points on the 100 point scale.  Projects and design elements included in the building to achieve this level of certification include:

-A building design 30% more energy efficient than required by current State of Wisconsin Energy Code.
-A U shape design allowing for 90% of inhabited spaces to have access to natural sunlight.
-The rain gardens that surround the building collect rain water runoff, keeping it from the sewer system.
-Hot water heating system powered by solar panels located on the building's white roof.

For more information on UW-L's commitment to environmentally conscious practices, click here.