Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability

About the Committee:

The Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability had its origins as a committee created by Faculty Senate in the fall of 2007 at the request of the Chancellor to examine the feasibility of UW-L signing the Talloires Declaration. The committee was made up of faculty, staff and students. After evaluating the Talloires Declaration's 10 action steps the committee created a document, Moving Toward a Sustainable Future at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (PDF), that reviewed UW-L's current status related to those 10 action steps. This document was presented to the Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Council, Student Senate and Chancellor Joe Gow. The committee recommended that Chancellor Gow sign the Talloires Declaration. The Chancellor agreed with the committee's findings and did sign the Talloires Declaration on Earth Day, April 22, 2008.

Action step 10 of the Talloires Declaration  reads: Establish a Secretariat and a steering committee to continue this momentum, and to inform and support each other's efforts in carrying out this declaration.  In keeping with this requirement, UW-L established the Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability in May 2008 with faculty, staff and student representatives from across campus.

Membership Roster 2010-2011

Name Term
Jessie Conaway Faculty - 3-year term
Heather Hulett Faculty-2-year term
Meredith Thomsen Faculty-2-year term
Buzz Bocher Faculty-1-year term
Kay Dailey Faculty -1-year term
Larry Sleznikow Academic Staff , Convener
Guy Wolf Academic Staff
Bob Hetzel Administration
Kim Tiber Classified Staff
Abbey Kelm Student
Matthew Landi Student
Liana Skibbie Student
Andrea Wagner Student
Dan Sweetman Manager of UW-L Environmental Health, Occupational Safety and Sustainability Program

Community Representatives Who Attend JCES Meetings

Name Affiliation
Nick Nichols La Crosse County Sustainability Coordinator

By Laws

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