Joint Planning and Budget Committee

Primary Joint Planning & Budget Documents


    Annual Planning and Budget Timeline

    Budget 101 - Budget Planning and Review for Current Fiscal Year

    Overview of Growth, Quality & Access Assessment Benchmarks

    Strategic Planning - 2012 Update - Executive Summary


2012-2013 Membership

  Mike Abler, SEC By-law Member
Jenifer Holman
Eric Kraemer
Adrienne Loh
Aaron Monte
Steve Senger, Convener
  Nordia Thomas

Academic Staff
  Patrick Barlow
  Nick Nicklaus
  Mary Beth Vahala
  Chris Bakkum
  Francie Biesanz

Classified Staff
  Karoline Auby
  Ingrid Iverson


  Ruthann Benson, Dean, College of Liberal Studies
  Bruce May, Dean, College of Business Administration
  Robert Hetzel, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
  Paula Knudson, Assistant Chancellor & Dean of Students
  Heidi Macpherson, Provost/Vice Chancellor
  Greg Reichert, Assistant Chancellor, University Advancement
  Bruce Riley, Dean, Science and Allied Health

Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2013