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What happens if I take the CHM 103 Credit by Exam (CBE) test and pass?

If you pass the CBE test you will be awarded 5 Credits for CHM 103.  You will not have to take CHM 103 and you can register for any other course for which you are eligible.

If I pass the CBE test do I have to take
CHM 104?

No, the CBE test is for CHM 103 credit.  Passing the CBE test makes you eligible to take CHM 104, but you do not have to take CHM 104 to get the credit for CHM 103.

If I pass the CBE test am I guaranteed a spot in CHM 104 for the current semester?

Although the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department will make every effort to get you into a CHM 104 lecture and laboratory section, total enrollment is limited by available laboratory space, so there is no guarantee of a slot in CHM 104.

If I pass the CBE test, will the CHM 103 credits show up on my transcript and if so, how will they affect my GPA?

Yes, the credits will show up on your transcript.  Just like AP credits, you will get a grade of S and they will not be included in your GPA calculation.  However, the credits will count toward the total credits required for your major and for graduation.

If I take the CBE test and do not pass, will it have any affect on my CHM 103 grade?  Will it show up on my transcript?

No and no, if you take the test and do not pass, there are no consequences other than the loss of the $20.00 exam fee.  Nothing will show up on your transcript and there will be no impact any course you are currently taking or will take in the future.

What score do I have to get in order to pass the CBE test?

You need to score a 70% (56/80), or higher, in order to pass the exam.

Can I bring anything to the exam other than a pencil and scientific calculator such as my own periodic table?

You are required to bring your own pencil and calculator.  These are the only outside materials allowed.  A periodic table and any other information will be provided for you.

What is the format of the CBE test?

The exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions that cover the content included in all CHM 103 lecture sections taught at UW-L.

What topics are included in the CBE test?

You will be tested over the topics covered in all CHM 103 lecture sections taught at UW-L.  Below is a listing of the topics covered and the corresponding chapters in the current CHM 103 textbook (Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Tro, 3rd Edition).

Chapter in Tro Text
Introduction, Terminology and Measurements
Atoms, Molecules and Ions
Aqueous Reactions
Gas Laws and the Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
Electronic Structure of the Atom
Periodic Properties
Chemical Bonding
Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories
Intermolecular Forces
Solution Properties
Nuclear Chemistry


CHM 103 Credit by Exam is offered twice per year;
the first week of Fall semester, and the first week of Spring semester.

For more information, contact Paul Miller, Ph.D.

UW-L Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
1725 State Street
4013 Cowley Hall
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 785-8270