The Biochemistry Major


Biochemistry is a scientific discipline that aims to describe the chemical principles underlying life reactions. There are three main fields of study within biochemistry:

  • biophysics
  • molecular biology
  • enzymology

The core courses of the biochemistry program are taught within both the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Biology. After the pre-requisite courses are complete, a biochemistry major culminates their degree requirements with four seminal courses: Biochemistry I and II, Molecular Biology, and Biophysical Chemistry. For a complete listing of course requirements and sample schedules click on the highlighted links or use the menus on the left.

The curriculum designed to complete the biochemistry major will afford students a number of career opportunities upon graduation. Students who major in biochemistry will have fulfilled the pre-requisite requirements for admission into a number of professional programs. Students will have the necessary coursework to enter graduate programs in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, cellular and developmental biology, and physiology.

Students may also pursue admission into medical, dental, chiropractic, optometry, physician assistant, and/or physical therapy programs. In addition, students who major in biochemistry will have developed sound laboratory skills to seek employment within private, government, and/or academic laboratories. Still other students may couple their biochemistry degrees with a Master’s in Business Administration or law degree and enter either the biotech industry or law firm specializing in patent law.

Research ... In addition to completing the designed course work, many students seek research opportunities while at UW-L during the regular fall and winter semesters and/or during the summer months. There are a number of different faculty members, each exploring different areas of biochemical research within our college. Click here for more information on faculty research interests in the area of biochemistry. The College of Science and Allied Health offers numerous types of support for undergraduate research in the form of stipends and travel and supply funds.

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