The Chemistry Major


A major in chemistry has much to offer ... both as a cutting edge field of study in and of itself, and as a solid general foundation for other fields. Chemistry is a challenging major. The undergraduate curriculum is demanding both intellectually and in terms of time. The major includes studies in physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry, examining the most basic qualities of matter, mastering strategies of chemical synthesis, solving chemical mysteries in the laboratory, and learning to communicate facts and theories about chemistry to others. Elective courses may include biochemistry, environmental chemistry, spectroscopy, or polymer chemistry, or one may choose to delve more deeply into one of the core sub-disciplines of chemistry. Detailed information about what degrees and concentrations are available and some sample class schedules are available using the hightlighted links or the menu on the left.

Research ... In addition to maintaining a strong academic record, it is important for students bound for graduate or medical schools to distinguish themselves through extracurricular activities. The chemistry faculty at UW-La Crosse maintain active research programs in a variety of areas that involve students. Research with a member of the chemistry faculty can provide an extremely valuable experience at the frontiers of the science. Also, student organizations such as the American Chemical Society-Student Affiliates (Chemistry Club) provide opportunities for public service activities and leadership roles.

The chemistry department has advisors with many years of experience in working with all sorts of chemistry majors and pre-professional students. They are aware of current trends in graduate and health science education and can recommend the best program of study for each individual student.

Overall, majoring in chemistry at UW-La Crosse is a very sound educational decision and investment. The chemistry curriculum is well suited to prepare students for success in a number of interesting and lucrative careers of for advanced study. The UW-L faculty are among the most well-trained and committed scientists and educators in the state. And because UW-L is relatively small, students are guaranteed to receive personal attention and care from the faculty, unlike the situation at larger universities where many classes are taught by student teaching assistants. Please feel free to contact the department at any time for more information or to schedule a tour and meeting with some faculty. In the meantime, explore this website which should answer many of your questions about studying chemistry at UW-La Crosse.